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Cupcakes are a great way to serve many or dress up the dessert table! We have a few different options to meet any cupcake needs. For a custom cupcake order we like to work with at least 2 weeks’ notice but can sometimes accommodate last-minute orders. Orders can be placed in batches of 12 (one dozen), request a quote here.

Classic Design

Our classic design cupcakes come as the timeless rosette swirl or tall swirl with some sprinkles. Simple, elegant, and effortless to serve! Classic design cupcakes are $2.75 a piece.

Glam Cupcakes

Glam cupcakes offer more variety and opportunity for customization with color palette.

Glam cupcakes are $3.25/piece.


Deluxe Cupcakes

Take your celebration to the next level with our deluxe design cupcakes.

These are fully customizable, typically using fondant and other mediums to create detailed finished pieces.

Final cost is determined by the final design of the cupcakes. For reference these cupcakes are on average $6/piece with a minimum order cost of $72

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